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Since 1976 the italian company, Clay Paky, has been an internationally world renown reference brand in the sector of professional lighting systems. In 2014 Clay Paky become part of the Osram Group, an important international manufacturer of light sources.

The wide range of Clay Paky products includes moving body and moving mirror projectors, color-changers, followspots, projectors for architectural lighting and various lighting effects.

ClayPaky has changed the world by putting on spectacular light shows and by continuing to be first in this marketplace by creating extraordinary performances, by the imagination and variety of their lighting effects via precise focus, purity of the light beam, and movement precision.

For several years, starting in 2003, this was their website for their American branch of the company. Act Lighting now acts as their distributor in the US. They have offices in California and New Jersey.

If you have inadvertantly ended up here while searching for Clay Paky lighting products, their  current website is: .

Press Release

Clay Paky America, Inc. opens its offices in Valencia, California, a northern suburb of Los Angeles. Paul J. (P.J.) Turpin has been hired as CEO of the new corporation. P.J. comes to the company with a successful history of sales and management experience in the lighting industry.

“The idea was in the air for some time – Pasquale Quadri, President of the parent corporation, told us – “we carried out a detailed study of the American market, knowing that it is the driving force of a large part of the world economy. We carefully analyzed the market conditions, the type and quality of products being specified, the types of distribution channels needed, and the technical support expectations of the market. On the basis of this survey we moved on to the realization stage, which resulted in the formation of an operational office in the United States”.

Turpin showed us the current situation of the American economy, with particular reference to the professional lighting sector. “In the United States, Clay Paky has always been known for excellent quality and reliability. This is evidenced by the use of its products in large productions throughout the world. After several slow years the American market is showing strong signs of recovery, and now is the perfect time to launch a project as ambitious as CLAY PAKY AMERICA. This move sends a clear signal to the market that Clay Paky is committed to doing what is necessary to guarantee the success of its products in the US. Our mission is two-fold. The first is to offer top quality products backed by first-class service and support. The second is to ensure that the current product line and product development both meet the needs and expectations of the market. The creation of a direct link between the US market and the factory in Italy assures this".

Francesco Romagnoli, Clay Paky Business Manager for North and Latin America and joint-creator of the Clay Paky America project says: “The professional lighting sector is a driving force in America, there are so many important and prestigious international productions in the theatrical, musical, cinema and television spheres. Clay Paky has created Stage Profile Plus SV, the most sophisticated moving body beam shaper present on the market and with an exclusive and patented profiling system. The “Plus”, together with the Stage Zoom 1200 SV effects projector and the Stage Color 1200 SV washlight, make up the triad of the “Silent Version” family, the most silent line of moving body projectors in the world. These fixtures, together with the standard “non-silent” versions, other moving yoke projectors, and scanners, are the best investment for lighting companies for concerts, television, sporting events, corporate events and live events thanks to their superior optics and superb reliability”. Architectural lighting is another large market sector that Clay Paky addresses quite well. “Clay Paky now has a very extensive range of products able to compete on every front in the architectural lighting sector. Clay Paky products for architectural lighting have been welcomed with great enthusiasm by American designers and end-users, both for the extent of the line; which includes spotlights from 50 W to 1200 W; and for the traditional optical quality of the fixture. The CP Color range of color-changers, the Display Line projectors for visual communications, the Point micro-projector line and the Rain Spot 575 – the first outdoor spot effects projector with an IP65 rating – are innovative offers of outstanding interest that open new horizons both for outdoor use and for the sectors of leisure, display and retailing or, as it is now called, archi-tainment”.

Clay Paky realizes that the United States market drives the world economy. Indeed, some of the most important world tours and concerts, most of the worlds largest theatrical and cinema productions, and the most advanced theme parks get their start in the US. The founding of Clay Paky America is not only intended to increase the market share in the USA, but also to give greater visibility to the brand at an international level.



Alpha's in the Sunbelt

Tempe, Arizona-based Sunbelt Scenic Studios have taken delivery of 14 of Clay Paky’s new Alpha Spot HPE and Alpha Wash fixtures.

Concentrating mostly on corporate productions, Sunbelt Scenic Studios added the new Clay Paky fixtures to their lighting rental inventory based on trust – trust in the Clay Paky brand and trust in the people behind the brand in the US


Eric Mueller Joins Clay Paky America

Industry veteran Eric Mueller, pictured here (center) with Francesco Romagnoli (left) and P.J. Turpin (right), has joined Clay Paky America as Regional Sales Manager for the Central and Eastern U.S.

Mueller joins Clay Paky America with 14 years of experience in the entertainment lighting market and for the last four years he has been with another intelligent lighting manufacturer. With the recent restructuring of the dealer and distribution arrangements for Clay Paky products on the East Coast, Mueller will be the face of Clay Paky across a significant portion of the country.

“We are thrilled that Eric chose Clay Paky America as his new home,” said P.J. Turpin, CEO of Clay Paky America. “He makes a great addition to the team, which now includes a fantastic technical support manager in Giovanni Zucchinali and an almost seamless interface with the factory thanks to the excellent support of Francesco Romagnoli, the area manager for North and South America. We are also expanding our support staff here at the main office. We could not be happier, and we all look forward to working with Eric as we start to aggressively expand Clay Paky America’s presence here in the U.S. market.”

Having been a regional manager for another automated lighting company, Mueller is looking forward to the challenge at Clay Paky America. “Clay Paky has always been known for making a rock-solid product,” comments Mueller. “But when you bring together a top-quality product with top-quality service and with people who care about the customer, you really have a winning combination. Added to that is the surprising size and diversity of the product line that also includes some great architectural fixtures. It is that mix which makes Clay Paky America such an exciting company to work for. I couldn't be happier to work with such a great team, and I look forward to many years with them.”

A graduate of the University of Texas, Muller will be based out of Austin, Texas, where he lives with his wife Philisha and their eight-month old daughter, Madison.


Group One in New Role beginning 2005

Alphas in the Sunbelt

Tempe, Arizona-based Sunbelt Scenic Studios have taken delivery of 14 of Clay Paky’s new Alpha Spot HPE and Alpha Wash fixtures.

Concentrating mostly on corporate productions, Sunbelt Scenic Studios added the new Clay Paky fixtures to their lighting rental inventory based on trust – trust in the Clay Paky brand and trust in the people behind the brand in the US. “I have enjoyed the Clay Paky 1200 Zooms for many years now,” said David Renshaw, Lighting Rental Manger for Sunbelt. “PJ Turpin, the General Manager of Clay Paky America, and I also go way back - I trust him. When PJ told me he had these new units, and that I could rely on them, I knew that I could. I normally do not buy the first round of any new moving light.”

Renshaw immediately committed his new Alpha Spot HPE and Wash fixtures to a number of large-and small-scale industrial productions. The feedback he received from both his in-house lighting designers as well as freelance L.D.s and programmers confirmed Renshaw’s belief that he had made a good choice. “One of the things that immediately impressed me was my freelancers commenting on how quiet and fast the new Alphas were. We do mostly corporate shows, and it is always a concern having a bunch of moving lights on the show and hearing them "hum" in general not to mention amplified by the audio mics.”.

The Alpha Spot HPE has an impressive list of features for a fixture of its physical size including 10°- 40° zoom and fully electronic focusing. The CMY color mixing system is augmented by a seven position plus white color wheel and a linear CTO for gradual color temperature correction. The exceptional special effects section of the Alpha Spot HPE has a total of three gobo wheels. Two wheels of six easily interchangeable, indexable / rotatable gobos, and a third, fixed wheel of eight gobos that can be swapped with other fixed wheels. In addition to its three gobo wheels, the Alpha Spot HPE also has a “fast clamping” animation disc. The “fast clamping” system allows for a quick transition to other graphic effects discs and can be used in conjunction with any or all of the gobo wheels to enliven projection effects.

“The effects wheel is wonderful,” comments Renshaw after having lit several corporate shows himself with the Alpha Spot HPE. “I am also very impressed with the lumens output that Clay Paky have managed to get from 575 lamp technology. That was initially a concern of mine.” In addition to the brightness of the Alpha Spot HPE and Wash fixtures, Renshaw was also impressed with how easy they were to work with when not powered up.

“A big selling point for me is the menu access without powering the unit up,” comments Renshaw. “What a home run! In terms of rigging fixtures, it is one of the best things I’ve seen in ages, hands down. As for its performance, I really like how quite the fixture is and how fast the fixture moves when you’re using them in a bally-hoo for example. I’m also very happy with how much smaller and lighter they are compared to other fixtures. I definitely see adding more Alpha Spot HPE and Wash fixtures to my inventory to complement my existing rental stock in the future.”

“The Alpha Range is spearheading what we see as a radical shake-up of the moving light market in the US,” says Clay Paky America’s CEO, PJ Turpin. “We have a 575 watt range of fixtures that have greater lumens output than 700 watt fixtures and in fact are strong against many 1200 watt units, and the Alpha’s have feature sets usually reserved for fixtures costing several thousand dollars more. We have the staff and inventory in place to support the product, and the fixtures are being used on major shows all over the world. The ETS - LDI show was a great success for us, and of course it did not hurt that I could point out the 5 major Las Vegas shows that all use Clay Paky fixtures (with more on the way!). As Sunbelt have discovered, the Alpha range is a great range of moving lights that has no equal out there in the market.

If you have found yourself greatly admiring the lighting at a corporate show or private event , most likely Clay Paky lighting is being utilized. I was at a private event for Blue Heron Capital, an investment firm based in Richmond, Virginia. I got into a far reaching, in depth conversation with Satya Rangarajan who serves as the Managing Partner of Enlightened Capital Management, a social venture fund, and as Principal and Founder of Enlightened Management Corp., a strategic technology advisory group. He is also part of the Industry Advisory Network for Blue Heron Capital. Satya has more than twenty years of experience in managing enterprise technology platforms including running a global development organization developing commercial software lines and it showed in our conversation that evening. Both of us were impressed how the ambient lighting with so well complimented by the accent lighting provided by Clay Paky. The company's lighting makes a lasting impression to say the least.


Hot Off the Press!!

New Product Releases

Let the “ALPHA DISCOVERY” begin!

ALPHA is a new and innovative line of 575W moving head professional fixtures from Clay Paky. Bright, light-weight, highly practical and virtually silent, these striking new fixtures are suitable for any professional, architectural and show business environment.


The Revenge of the SCAN

Over the last twenty years, Clay Paky has constantly pushed the envelope of technological expression with its moving mirror products. A huge commercial success, the Golden Scan 3 has set the standard by which other moving mirrors are judged. Continuing this tradition is the Golden Scan 4 and Mini Scan HP3.



The Mini Scan HP3 inherits all of the features of the Mini Scan HPE, known by lighting designers throughout the world for its brightness and quality of optics, in a very compact package.



Pasquale Quadri was one of the first entrepreneurs to anticipate that the technological evolution in lighting would have had an enormous future in the show and entertainment world.
On 28 August 1976 he founded Clay Paky and began a long period of research which led to a new generation of unprecedented lighting effects.

Clay Paky’s history features a number of original, innovative products successfully imitated by other international manufacturers.
Such is the case of ASTRODISCO, presented in 1982 using a single lamp to create dozens of luminous rays.
1983 was the year of Clay Paky’s ASTRORAGGI, which soon became a “classic” in nightclubs.

In 1987, Clay Paky launched BRILLIANT, forerunner of a new generation of “intelligent” projectors.
This was followed by the clamorous success of GOLDEN SCAN, the intelligent projector acclaimed by the specialized press as "the world’s most popular and best-selling projector". Golden Scan’s success was further confirmed by GOLDEN SCAN HPE, the succeeding model.

In 1990, Clay Paky launched SUPER SCAN, for the most professional entertainment settings, and MINI SCAN, the compact scanner.

These were followed in 1992 by the pioneering PIN SCAN, an agile and compact moving body projector.

made its debut in 1994. It was the first projector with a CMY system, equipped with variable focal length for focusing light beams.

1997 marked the appearance of STAGE SCAN with its endless graphic effects and the Multi Step Zoom. In the same year, Clay Paky launched MINI SCAN HPE, which astounded the public with its staggering luminosity and power. 1997 also marked the new DISPLAY LINE, an innovative series of projectors for visual communication, renowned for being versatile, compact, user-friendly and ideal for projecting informative and promotional messages.

, a complete range of 6 moving body projectors using from 300W to 1200W, was introduced in 1999. Its top models, effects projector STAGE ZOOM 1200 and washlight STAGE COLOR 1200, were characterized by unprecedented power and optical precision and soon became benchmark products for major international productions in theatres, TV sets, music tours and many other professional fields.

In the following years, Clay Paky has mainly operated in two areas: further expansion of the professional sector and development of the architectural field. This first market sector witnessed the launch of the revolutionary STAGE PROFILE PLUS SV. It is the first, most complete and sophisticated moving body beam shaper available on the market with an exclusive patented profile system. This product belongs to the SILENT VERSION family, a line of the world's most silent professional moving projectors: STAGE PROFILE 1200 SV, STAGE ZOOM 1200 SV e STAGE COLOR 1200 SV.

In 2002, Clay Paky moved its headquarters to Seriate (Bergamo) in a strategically located industrial complex of 10,000 m² within a total surface area of approximately 33,000 m². And it is here at its new headquarters, that its dedication to quality is superbly manifested, in keeping with the criteria of UNI EN ISO 9001, which Clay Paky received that year.

Marked a new generation of color changers: the CP COLOR line covers a range from 150W to 575W, including projectors for theatrical and television use (models for 150, 250 and 400 Watts), a moving body projector (CP COLOR MH) and two IP65 projectors specially designed for outdoor settings: CP COLOR 150-E and CP COLOR 575.

Clay Paky launched ALPHA, a series of 575 Watt moving body projectors with unprecedented performance levels. This line included effects projectors ALPHA SPOT HPE, ALPHA SPOT and washlight ALPHA WASH, which all featured optics, zoom, color system and unique special effects.


ALPHA SPOT HPE 1200 and ALPHA WASH 1200 emerge as industry standards


Clay Paky established a new trend for super-concentrated narrow beams with the launch of the ALPHA BEAM 300, a product followed quickly by the ALPHA BEAM 700 and 1500. The new Beam concept revitalized the moving head market, creating an entirely new category of effects.


Debut of SHARPY, a radical new concept that stunned the industry and won a string of awards. Using just 189W of power, the tiny Sharpy produces an intense, laser-like beam, bright enough to rival far larger, higher wattage fixtures.


Clay Paky comes on the LED market with GLOW-UP, a portable battery powered IP65 uplight, and with A.LEDA, a line of versatile moving head LED-washes


B-EYE is one of the most highly innovative LED luminaire ever designed: it incorporates three different operating modes - wash, beam and effect light - without any compromise in quality or light emission.


MYTHOS, SUPERSHARPY and STORMY are "The Projectors", featuring the highest brightness and performances in relation to their compactness and nominal power.

0ctober 2014

Clay Paky become part of the Osram Group, one of the most important manufactures of light sources in the world.